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For you aspiring or experienced authors — especially those of you who, like me, HATE to be edited — meet editor extraordinaire, Christopher Murray. Chris "got" my book right from the start and was an amazing collaborator, organizer and advocate for my ideas. I would rehire Chris on my own in a heartbeat. Hire Chris and put your next writing project (book, ebook, articles) in the hands of a supremely insightful editor and best friend your writing ever had.

— David Newman, author of DO IT! MARKETING


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I am an experienced editor, writer and ghostwriter of business books, business book summaries, online and print articles and audio scripts. Marketing consultant David Newman is one of many authors that I've had the fortune to work with (and yes, it's okay to end a sentence with a preposition — just ask the Chicago Manual of Style). You will find more testimonials from other authors under my signature below.

I’ve edited or ghostwritten more than 40 books on a variety of business-related topics, from Designing Interactive Strategy by Rafael Ramirez and Richard Normann (1994) to Why Leaders Fail by Peter Stark and Mary Kelly (2016).

I have also adapted more than 250 academic journal articles for the Ideas for Leaders platform (, and have written articles for magazines as diverse as MWorldSmart Business, Selling Power, Priorities, Executive Excellence and others. I was the subject of feature stories in Fortune and the Chicago Tribune, and my anthology of marketing book summaries, The Marketing Gurus (2006), was reviewed in the New York Times.

Feel free to navigate through this site to learn more about my 30 years of editorial experience. Then I hope you will contact me at so that we can start talking about your work!

Thank you,

Chris Murray


More Testimonials:

Chris Murray has been a valued collaborator on two of my books. A talented writer and merciless editor, Chris helps me to express exactly what I want to say in clear, cogent and compelling language. I have referred him to various clients who have all been delighted with his professionalism and care.


As our content editor for this latest book on leadership, Chris made sure we were emphasizing the points we wanted clear and ensured that the whole project read smoothly. I look forward to working with Chris on all of my future books.

— Mary Kelly, author of WHY LEADERS FAIL

Chris has a keen eye for language and pacing, and no tolerance for ambiguity. He is very attentive to details and very respectful of the meanings I may have tried to convey. Being a non-English native writer, his expertise was of huge value to me! I count on him for my second book, which I'm currently writing. His editorial skills and his insightful qualitative comments on the text were a vital contribution to the success of my first book, Action Reflection Learning, and I am happy to recommend him as a writer and editor.

— Isabel Rimanoczy, co-author of ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING and BIG BANG BEING!

Chris Murray made Better! better, seriously. He took what could have been an amateurish first attempt at a book and helped mold it into a #1 bestseller. He called me out on a couple of my missteps. And when I made the Journalism 101 mistake of burying the lead, he unburied it and dialed in the tone for the rest of the book.

— Terry Lancaster, author of BETTER! SELF HELP FOR THE REST OF US

Chris' contribution to my manuscript for No More Pointless Meetings was significant. As a first-time author with a book contract in hand, I recognized the need for professional editorial input. While the content was solid, the presentation of that knowledge needed polishing. Chris provided that. The breadth and scope of his experience working with publishers and authors in the business book field enhanced the manuscript. The maturity of his insight is impressive: it encompasses both publisher production requirements and a keen understanding of editorial structure. It was a privilege to work with a master of the writing craft.

— Martin Murphy, author of NO MORE POINTLESS MEETINGS

Chris was vital in shaping the final structure and tone of my book, Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur. Within days of joining the project, he understood who I was and what I was trying to say. I continue to work with Chris on my current projects. I value his insight, his listening skills, and his frank evaluation of my ideas. More than just an editorial consultant, he has become a trusted advisor.